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Tauri ships with a default iconset based on its logo. This is NOT what you want when you ship your application. To remedy this common situation, Tauri provides the icon command that will take an input file ("./app-icon.png" by default) and create all the icons needed for the various platforms.

Note on filetypes
  • icon.icns = macOS
  • icon.ico = Windows
  • *.png = Linux
  • Square*Logo.png & StoreLogo.png = Currently unused but intended for AppX/MS Store targets.

Note that icon types may be used on platforms other than those listed above (especially png). Therefore we recommend including all icons even if you intend to only build for a subset of platforms.

Command Usage

Starting with @tauri-apps/cli / tauri-cli version 1.1 the icon subcommand is part of the main cli:

npm run tauri icon
> cargo tauri icon --help
cargo-tauri-icon 1.1.0

Generates various icons for all major platforms

cargo tauri icon [OPTIONS] [INPUT]

<INPUT> Path to the source icon (png, 1024x1024px with transparency) [default: ./app-icon.png]

-h, --help Print help information
-o, --output <OUTPUT> Output directory. Default: 'icons' directory next to the tauri.conf.json file
-v, --verbose Enables verbose logging
-V, --version Print version information

By default, the icons will be placed in your src-tauri/icons folder where they will automatically be included in your built app. If you want to source your icons from a different location, you can edit this part of the tauri.conf.json file:

"tauri": {
"bundle": {
"icon": [

Creating the icons manually

If you prefer to build these icons yourself, for example if you want to have a simpler design for small sizes or because you don't want to depend on the CLI's internal image resizing, you must make sure your icons meet some requirements:

  • icon.icns: The required layer sizes and names for the icns file are described in the Tauri repo
  • icon.ico: The ico file must include layers for 16, 24, 32, 48, 64 and 256 pixels. For an optimal display of the ICO image in development, the 32px layer should be the first layer.
  • png: The requirements for the png icons are: width == height, RGBA (RGB + Transparency), and 32bit per pixel (8bit per channel). Commonly expected sizes are 32, 128, 256, and 512 pixels. We recommend to at least match the output of tauri icon: 32x32.png, 128x128.png, 128x128@2x.png, and icon.png.