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Tauri ships with a default iconset based on its logo. This is probably NOT what you want when you ship your application. To remedy this common situation, Tauri provides the tauricon command that will take an input file ("./app-icon.png" by default) and create all the icons needed for the various platforms:


npx @tauri-apps/tauricon --help

Create all the icons you need for your Tauri app.

"ICON-PATH" is the path to the source icon (default: 'app-icon.png').
The icon needs to be either png (1240x1240 with transparency) or svg (square dimensions with transparency).

npx @tauri-apps/tauricon [ICON-PATH]

--help, -h Displays this message
--log, l Logging [boolean]
--target, t Target folder (default: 'src-tauri/icons')

These will be placed in your src-tauri/icons folder where they will automatically be included in your built app.

If you need to source your icons from some other location, you can edit this part of the src-tauri/tauri.conf.json file:

"tauri": {
"bundle": {
"icon": [
Note on filetypes
  • icon.icns = macOS
  • icon.ico = MS Windows
  • *.png = Linux