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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use unpublished Tauri changes?

To use Tauri from Git (bleeding edge version) you need to change your Cargo.toml file and update your CLI and API.

Pulling the Rust crate as a git dependency

Append this to your Cargo.toml file:

tauri = { git = "", branch = "dev" }
tauri-build = { git = "", branch = "dev" }

This will force all your dependencies to use tauri and tauri-build from Git instead of

Using the CLI from source

  • If you are using the Cargo CLI, you can install it directly from Git:
cargo install --git --branch dev tauri-cli

And keep using it as normal with cargo tauri dev and cargo tauri build.

  • If you are using the @tauri-apps/cli package, you will need to clone the repo and build it:
git clone
git checkout dev
cd tauri/tooling/cli/node
yarn build

To use it, run directly with node:

node /path/to/tauri/tooling/cli/node/tauri.js dev
node /path/to/tauri/tooling/cli/node/tauri.js build
  • Alternatively, you can run your app with Cargo directly:
cd src-tauri

cargo run --no-default-features # instead of tauri dev
cargo build # instead of tauri build - won't bundle your app though

Using the Tauri API package from source

It is recommended to also use the Tauri API package from source when using the Tauri crate from Git (though it might not be needed). To build it from source, run the following script:

git clone
git checkout dev
cd tauri/tooling/api
yarn build

Now you can link it using yarn:

cd dist
yarn link
cd /path/to/your/project
yarn link @tauri-apps/api

Or you can change your package.json to point to the dist folder directly:

"dependencies": {
"@tauri-apps/api": "/path/to/tauri/tooling/api/dist"