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Debian Package

Tauri allows your app to be packaged as a .deb (Debian package) file. The Tauri CLI bundles your application binary and additional resources in this format if you build on Linux. Please note that .deb packages can only be created on Linux as cross-compilation doesn't work yet.


GUI apps on macOS and Linux do not inherit the $PATH from your shell dotfiles (.bashrc, .bash_profile, .zshrc, etc). Check out Tauri's fix-path-env-rs crate to fix this issue.

To build and bundle your Tauri application into a single executable simply run the following command:

yarn tauri build

It will build your frontend (if configured, see beforeBuildCommand), compile the Rust binary, collect all external binaries and resources and finally produce neat platform-specific bundles and installers.

Custom Files

To include custom files to the debian package, you can configure a mapping on tauri.conf.json > tauri > bundle > deb > files as follows:

"tauri": {
"bundle": {
"deb": {
"files": {
"/usr/lib/": "../", // copies the file to /usr/lib/
"usr/lib/assets": "../public/" // copies the entire public directory to /usr/lib/assets

Each files object key is the path on the Debian package, and the value is a path to a file or directory relative to the tauri.conf.json file.