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Tauri Programme Turns 1 and Board Elections

· 2 min read
Robin van Boven

The one year anniversary for Tauri becoming a programme within The Commons Conservancy is upcoming on the 16th of July! On that anniversary, two of our Directors on the Tauri Board will be at the end of their first half-term. The Board will hold an election on the 15th of July to decide the Directors for the next two year term.

The Tauri Board has a minimum of three, and a maximum of seven people. Right at the start we've had seven people come on board. Meaning we can't add any more people during this election. So if you're applying it means you'll compete with the two project founders for a seat on the Tauri Board.

Honestly those are big shoes to fill! So to avoid unnecessary disappointment, in this election we decided to add a requirement: You must be currently part of a working group to apply as a candidate.

If you're still with me, then here are some additional details:

  • Please notify the board before July 15th 00:00 UTC if you would like to apply as a candidate.
  • You can mention @board on Discord, or DM Beanow#5887 if you want your application to be kept private within the Board.
  • Optionally, you can include a short motivation for your application.
  • If there are multiple candidates, the Tauri Board will vote for their preferred candidates.
  • The Directors running for office again will have half a vote deducted from votes in their favor (one for each consecutive term served).
  • After voting on July 15th we'll share the results.

All this is governed by our statutes and core regulations if you're interested in seeing the fine print.

We'll be back soon with an update.