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Updating Dependencies

Please note

Especially during the alpha and beta phases, we expect you to keep all Tauri dependencies and toolchains up to date. There is no support for any versions other than latest.

Update NPM Packages

If you are using the tauri package:

yarn upgrade @tauri-apps/cli @tauri-apps/api --latest
npm install @tauri-apps/cli@latest @tauri-apps/api@latest

You can also detect what the latest version of Tauri is on the command line, using:

  • npm outdated @tauri-apps/cli
  • yarn outdated @tauri-apps/cli

Alternatively, if you are using the vue-cli-plugin-tauri approach:

yarn upgrade vue-cli-plugin-tauri --latest
npm install vue-cli-plugin-tauri@latest

Update Cargo Packages

You can check for outdated packages with cargo outdated or on the pages: tauri / tauri-build.

Go to src-tauri/Cargo.toml and change tauri and tauri-build to

tauri-build = "%version%"

tauri = { version = "%version%" }

where %version% is the corresponding version number from above.

Then do the following:

cd src-tauri
cargo update

Alternatively you can run the cargo upgrade command provided by cargo-edit which does all of this automatically.