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@tauri-apps/api / shell

Module: shell

Access the system shell. Allows you to spawn child processes and manage files and URLs using their default application.

This package is also accessible with when build.withGlobalTauri in tauri.conf.json is set to true.

The APIs must be added to in tauri.conf.json:

"tauri": {
"allowlist": {
"shell": {
"all": true, // enable all shell APIs
"execute": true, // enable process spawn APIs
"sidecar": true, // enable spawning sidecars
"open": true // enable opening files/URLs using the default program

It is recommended to allowlist only the APIs you use for optimal bundle size and security.


This API has a scope configuration that forces you to restrict the programs and arguments that can be used.

Restricting access to the open API​

On the allowlist, open: true means that the open API can be used with any URL, as the argument is validated with the ^https?:// regex. You can change that regex by changing the boolean value to a string, e.g. open: ^

Restricting access to the Command APIs​

The shell allowlist object has a scope field that defines an array of CLIs that can be used. Each CLI is a configuration object { name: string, cmd: string, sidecar?: bool, args?: boolean | Arg[] }.

  • name: the unique identifier of the command, passed to the Command constructor. If it's a sidecar, this must be the value defined on tauri.conf.json > tauri > bundle > externalBin.
  • cmd: the program that is executed on this configuration. If it's a sidecar, this value is ignored.
  • sidecar: whether the object configures a sidecar or a system program.
  • args: the arguments that can be passed to the program. By default no arguments are allowed.
    • true means that any argument list is allowed.
    • false means that no arguments are allowed.
    • otherwise an array can be configured. Each item is either a string representing the fixed argument value or a { validator: string } that defines a regex validating the argument value.

Example scope configuration​

CLI: git commit -m "the commit message"


"scope": {
"name": "run-git-commit",
"cmd": "git",
"args": ["commit", "-m", { "validator": "\\S+" }]


import { Command } from '@tauri-apps/api/shell'
new Command('run-git-commit', ['commit', '-m', 'the commit message'])

Trying to execute any API with a program not configured on the scope results in a promise rejection due to denied access.





open(path, openWith?): Promise<void>

Opens a path or URL with the system's default app, or the one specified with openWith.

The openWith value must be one of firefox, google chrome, chromium safari, open, start, xdg-open, gio, gnome-open, kde-open or wslview.


import { open } from '@tauri-apps/api/shell';
// opens the given URL on the default browser:
await open('');
// opens the given URL using `firefox`:
await open('', 'firefox');
// opens a file using the default program:
await open('/path/to/file');


pathstringThe path or URL to open. This value is matched against the string regex defined on tauri.conf.json > tauri > allowlist > shell > open, which defaults to ^https?://.
openWith?stringThe app to open the file or URL with. Defaults to the system default application for the specified path type.