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Announcing Tauri 1.1.0

· 5 min read
Lucas Nogueira

Tauri 1.1 Launch Hero Image

After 113 pull requests and nearly two months of work, the Tauri team is pleased to announce the 1.1.0 release. The changes were internally audited and no security issues were found.

You can update the NPM dependencies with:

npm install @tauri-apps/cli@latest @tauri-apps/api@latest

To update the Cargo dependencies, run the following in the src-tauri folder:

cargo update

What's New in 1.1.0​

Security patch​

This release includes a patch for a security vulnerability reported by @martin-ocasek. The readDir function was able to return entries outside the configured scope when a symlink is found. The patch is also available in Tauri 1.0.6. See the issue on GitHub for more details.

Icon Generation​

We have been recommending to use the tauricon project to generate icons for your Tauri application using a single source PNG. Several issues have been reported, and we decided to "Rewrite It In Rust" to enhance its stability. This allowed us to move this functionality to the main Tauri CLI, so now you can use the tauri icon command.

cargo-binstall Support for Tauri CLI​

The Tauri CLI can now be installed using cargo-binstall, a mechanism to download and install pre-built Rust binaries. The binaries are available for the main targets and can be installed with:

$ cargo install cargo-binstall
$ cargo binstall tauri-cli
$ cargo tauri dev # run any Tauri command!

Create System Trays at Runtime​

The system tray APIs (previously only available in tauri::Builder::system_tray) can now be used at runtime with tauri::SystemTray giving you control over its lifetime and even create multiple trays.

Here's a quick example on how to use it:

use tauri::{Builder, CustomMenuItem, SystemTray, SystemTrayEvent, SystemTrayMenu};
.setup(|app| {
let handle = app.handle();
SystemTrayMenu::new().add_item(CustomMenuItem::new("quit", "Quit"))
.on_event(move |event| {
let tray_handle = handle.tray_handle_by_id("main").unwrap();
if let SystemTrayEvent::MenuItemClick { id, .. } = event {
if id == "quit" {
.expect("unable to create tray");

TOML Configuration Support​

In the 1.0 releases Tauri supports the JSON configuration format by default, and JSON5 when the config-json5 Cargo feature is enabled, meaning the following configurations are valid:

"build": {
"devPath": "http://localhost:8000",
"distDir": "../dist"
"build": {
// devServer URL (comments are allowed!)
"devPath": "http://localhost:8000",
"distDir": "../dist"

The 1.1.0 release includes TOML support behind the config-toml Cargo feature. Now you can define your Tauri configuration in a Tauri.toml file:

dev-path = "http://localhost:8000"
dist-dir = "../dist"

Dependency Updates​

This release includes some dependency updates that must be handled in your app if you implement platform-specific functionalities using these crates. The most important updates are:

  • windows updated to 0.39.0
  • webview2-com updated to 0.19.1
  • raw-window-handle updated to 0.5.0

Make sure you also update plugins such as window-vibrancy and window-shadows to latest.

Contributors to 1.1.0​

The Tauri team thanks the following contributors for the 1.1.0 release:

Other Changes

There are a lot of smaller changes and bug fixes in this release. You can see a summary of the release notes in the following sections. The complete changelog can be found on the releases page.


  • tauri icon command
  • exists API in the fs module
  • Option to disable the dev watcher with tauri dev --no-watch
  • Automatically use any .taurignore file as ignore rules for dev watcher and app path finder
  • Add support to cargo-binstall for the Tauri CLI
  • TOML configuration format (Tauri.toml)
  • Theme APIs on Linux
  • Create system trays at runtime
  • beforeBundleCommand configuration
  • beforeDevCommand and beforeBuildCommand now has an option to configure the current working directory
  • api::Command::encoding method to set the stdout/stderr encoding
  • Added native-tls-vendored and reqwest-native-tls-vendored Cargo features to compile and statically link to a vendored copy of OpenSSL on Linux
  • Implement raw_window_handle::HasRawDisplayHandle for App and AppHandle


  • CLI parser ignoring inner subcommands.
  • Updater breaking the app icon in Finder.
  • Fix root of codegen output when using the CodegenContext API.


  • Fix fs.readDir recursive option reading symlinked directories that are not allowed by the scope


  • Validate updater signature against configured public key
  • Return an error if a sidecar is configured with the same file name as the application.
  • Keep the created windows in a RefCell instead of a Mutex, avoiding deadlocks
  • Prompt for beforeDevCommand and beforeBuildCommand in tauri init.
  • Use cargo metadata to detect the workspace root and target directory.
  • Allow configuring the before_dev_command to force the CLI to wait for the command to finish before proceeding.
  • Avoid re-downloading AppImage build tools on every build.
  • Retain command line arguments in api::process::restart
  • Enhance the dialog style on Windows via the manifest dependency Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls v6.0.0.0.
  • Rerun codegen if assets or icons change
  • Only rewrite temporary icon files when the content change, avoid needless rebuilds.